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Bosnia and Herzegovina

Udruženje za brigu i zaštitu djece u BiH - FICE Bosnia and Herzegovina


FICE BiH has existed in Bosnia since 2000 when the first idea of ​​the organization was born.
There were several attempts to establish it legally, so in 2006 FICE Congress in Sarajevo was held. Furthermore, many educational seminars and  conferences were held.
In 2013, at the Congress in Bern, we made the decision to reorganize and this happened in the beginning of 2017, under the complex law of Bosnia that has strict rules for the NGO sector.

Networking of all institutions that actively or passively deal with the care of children and mothers without parental care. Bringing together a common strategy for developing this policy and forming a national team.

Become an advisory body to national institutions working on drafting laws for working with minors by transferring experiences from Europe and the World.


- Providing assistance and support to Institutions and individuals working with children and young people who live outside their biological family,
- Help in establishing a more comfortable communication and contact network of social services where children without parental care are placed,
- Encouragement of joint training and exchange of current professional literature of members of the Association, children and youth who live outside the biological family,
- Work on expanding and sharing experiences with other countries from Europe and the world about the new forms, methods and amenities of children and young people who live outside their biological family,
- Issuance of information leaflets, brochures, posters, labels, magazines and other publications for the purpose of carrying out the activities of the Association in accordance with the Law,
- Organizing and running self-help groups


Prof. Nedzad Hadzic

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