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FICE-CANADA was accepted as a full member of FICE-International in 2022.


FICE-CANADA are in the process of recruiting member organizations and developing their website and communications infrastructure.


Their website is (Under Development)


Canada Interim Board (as of March 1, 2022)

The following have volunteered to serve on the interim board of FICE-Canada. The plan is to build membership and develop the structure of FICE-Canada as set out in the bylaws, and to hold a formal election by the end of 2022.

Interim Executive

President: Jim Anglin – UVic/BC
Vice-President: Pennie Sibbald – CCCYCA/Alta
Treasurer: Heather Modlin - AmalY&F Centre/Nfld
Secretary: Kiaras Gharabaghi – Ryerson/Ont

Interim Members at Large

Larisa Hansen – Douglas/BC
Teri Derksen - VIU (at large)/BC
Shemine Gulamhusein – McEwan/Alta
Shadan Hyder – OACYC/Ont
Chloe Westelmajer – Woods Home/Alta
Anthony Passarelli – OACYC/Ont
Kelly Shaw - NSCC/NS
Maribeth Janssens – Holland College/PEI
Varda Mann-Feder – Concordia/Québec
Chelsea Champagne – MB


Contacts: (Jim Anglin) (Chloe Westelmajer)

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