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The government and civil society are working together to find alternatives that support children remaining with their families or reference groups. More then 40 000 children are linked to care services in Brazil, with 90% living in institutions.  In San Paulo city there are more than 3000 children and adolescents in shelters.  Each unit supports 20 children or adolescents. Most children are aged between 5-15 years, are black or mestizo, have with low education and many experiences of violence and neglect in their short lives.

The respondent's organization, working more closely with care services in San Paulo State, offers qualifications in social education and provides support to educators and social managers who work directly with children, adolescents and families in regards to social protection. Helping educators to reframe their action, the organization encourages exchanges and the creation of events which helps to promote and share the knowledge drawn from everyday practice amongst the sector. 

They also work on strengthening the institutional management and coordination with other public policies and the wider community.

Brazilian members are interested in establishing collaborations with other organizations around the world.  Please contact the FICE office for further details.


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