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FICE Brazil



Isa Guará and Patrick Reason


Short history – when is founded, important changes, the goal, mission, vision:

Neca, a Civil Society Organization of Public Interest (OSCIP) headquartered in São Paulo, Brazil since February of 2005. It was founded by a group of researchers who wish to expand its activities in research and social intervention with child and juvenile population that lives in greater personal and social risk

Mission: To generate and disseminate knowledge and methodologies for improvement, innovation and coordination of policy interventions and advocacy of the rights of children, adolescents, youth and their families.

Vision: To be recognized as a reference in the production and dissemination of knowledge and practices in the field of childhood, adolescence, youth and family.

The Brazilian National Movement for Family and Community Living Rights  has a Steering Group of 10  institutions (2 per macro region) and approximately 60 member organizations across Brazil. In 2018 the decision was made to associate the Brazilian  National Movement with the FICE International Representative in Brazil, the Institution NECA, to form FICE Brazil.

The National Movement for Family and Community Living Rights is a result of a sustained process headed up by a number of NGOs that led to the publication of the Brazilian National Plan for Family and Community Living Rights in 2006.
The Movement works in two fronts: Technical Incidence and Political Incidence.


Goals of the organization:

  • Building a structure of collective and coordinated studies and research to support the development of programs and projects in the field of childhood, adolescence, youth and family.

  • Producing knowledge and innovation in the area of childhood, adolescence, youth and families.

  • Impacting positively public policies and practices related to the rights of children and adolescents.

Main activities:

  • Supervision of teams of Residential Child Care institutions

  • Advising to the management teams of the Municipal Secretaries of Social Work

  • Qualitative assessment of programs

  • Conducting studies and research

  • National mobilization for the rights of children and adolescents

  • Organizing courses and supervision groups

  • Development of methodologies for training and information

  • Diagnostics in the area of childhood and adolescence

  • Production and publication of books and materials

Members: It has been increasingly difficult to measure and ensure formal membership commitment in 2020. FICE Brazil has seen large numbers participate in seminars, but have not been able to translate this into membership.




Address: Rua Lincoln de Albuquerque, 328, Barra Funda – 05004-010 – São Paulo – SP – Brazil

Phone numbers: 55 – 11 – 3673-497;  55 – 11 – 3673-7049

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