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FICE Österreich (Austria)

Short history:

FICE Austria was founded in 1968. FICE Austria is a centre of excellence for quality development in alternative child care and leaving care.


FICE Austria pursues the overarching goal of further developing quality (orientation, process, structure and result quality) in all areas of child and youth welfare. Key activities to achieve this goal are:

  • Developing, implementing and documenting projects (e.g. quality standards, curricula, manuals, etc.) to improve quality in child and youth welfare.

  • Organization and implementation of exchange platforms, conferences, seminars, etc.

  • Support and promotion of scientific projects and publications



All organizations in child and youth welfare (CYW), as well as relevant stakeholders (e.g., schools, training institutions, medical and psychological support, etc.), possess the necessary competencies to accompany, support, and promote parents/relatives, children, adolescents, and care leavers in a high-quality, participatory manner, both humanely and professionally.

Main activities:

  • Development of Quality standards for residential and family based child and youth welfare.

  • Dual practice-oriented further training for specialists in residential child and youth welfare

  • Virtual exchange platform on the topic "Child and youth welfare 2030" via ZOOM 6 times a year.

  • In preparation: Handbook on residential child and youth welfare

  • In preparation: Transfer of research studies for managers and employees


Bettina Terp and Christian Posch, presidents

Contact Information:



Address: Hauptstrasse 15, 7341 Markt Sankt Martin

Phone: + 43 664 22 14 320

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