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Name of the organization:

FICE Österreich

Presidents: Bettina Terp and Christian Posch

Short history – when is founded, important changes, the goal, mission, vision:

FICE Austria was founded in 1960. FICE Austria wants to be a center of excellence for quality assurance in non-family care for children and adolescents.
FICE tries to continuously offer quality assured training and advice cooperating in the development of quality 4 children.

Based on the Convention on the Rights of the Child, FICE Austria promotes development and quality in alternative child and youth care. It supports exchange and learning between its members (organisations and professionals working in the field of alternative child and youth care) and other organisations, professionals and local authorities on national level and internationally. FICE Austria is cooperating with national and international networks like the Austrian National Network of Children’s Rights and EUROCHILD, among others.

Main activities:

• Organization of and participation in professional exchange visits and youth exchanges.
• Sending, hosting and coordinating organisation in the European Voluntary Service.
• Coordination of and participation in national and international projects and campaigns.
• Organization of conferences, workshops and seminars and development of trainings and materials.


23 members.




Address: Hauptstrasse 15, 7341 Markt Sankt Martin

Phone: + 43 664 22 14 320

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