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The respondent(s) from Australia described their main target groups of children as children who are experiencing homelessness, domestic violence, parental separation, trauma, at risk of or disengaged from school. This includes children from 0 to 18 years and their families. The methodology that is predominantly used by them is trauma-informed practice and care and the PERMA model (youth programs). Formal education and training is available in various forms for future professionals in the child and youth care field.  Pre-service training is conducted by higher education oganizations. Available qualifications and certificate vary, including Certificate 3 in Youth Work, Diploma in Art Therapy, Graduate Certificate in Developmental Trauma. PHD in the field is also available.  The most preferred qualifications include: Degree in Social Work or Psychology or Teaching and the range of Community Services Certificate training (Vocational training). The qualfications, that are mostly held by professionals in the field include: Certificate in Community Services (Children's Services / Youth Work / Mental Health focus).The respondents' work is currently focused on creating, developing and designing online learning programs for workers across the breadth of the Australian Community Services Sector - including Child Focused Practice, family and domestic violence, problem gambling and blood borne viruses. The respondents are interested in establishing project partnerships with other organizations in the field .


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